Gold Wake Live is the online extension and soul-expansion of Gold Wake Press, which publishes 4-6 books a year. Gold Wake Live publishes three issues a year.

Please send us something/anything: we are interested in all genres, and will be happy to consider whatever you think we might like. We like to publish at least a couple pages of content from each writer we select, so make your submission strong throughout. Please do, though, keep it reasonable in length (5 poems/short prose, 1 long-ish piece of prose, no more than three sandwiches, etc.). Because we like you, we read year-round.

Also because we like you, we will select one writer per issue to be "featured," and this writer will receive a subscription to the upcoming year's catalog of Gold Wake books. Yay!


As for full-length books, Gold Wake holds two Open Reading periods per year, one in the fall and one in the spring, and open to full-length manuscripts in all genres. We do not charge a separate contest/submission fee---if you buy a Gold Wake book through Submittable, you get a free manuscript submission. 

We select books exclusively through these Open Reading periods, and publish roughly 4-6 titles per year from the submissions we receive. If your book is selected, you can count on a positive, personal experience.

Gold Wake Press is an independent literary house founded in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts in 2008 by Jared Michael Wahlgren, who ran the press until 2014, when two of the authors he’d published, Nick Courtright and Kyle McCord, took the helm. The press seeks to bring diverse voices to the spotlight who combine daring content with meticulous attention to form. 

$20.00 - 60.00
$20.00 - 60.00
Gold Wake is dedicated to diversity in all its forms, and that includes acknowledging that some writers aren't as economically fortunate as others. This link provides financially able writers with an opportunity to sponsor submissions from others. Or, to just buy some of your writer friends a free submission! Or, simply, to just donate to the press and forgo the whole submission thing altogether.

Upon your purchasing of a sponsorship, we'll send you a secret link to send directly to the writers for which you've chosen to buy a submission. They can then submit without a fee, and you helped them do it!

So, everyone wins!
Gold Wake Press